Do I really need an event planner? Why professional help is always a good idea

article by: Dani McEwin
PUBLISHED: December 9, 2020

A primary reason for hiring an event coordinator is so you can actually relax and enjoy the occasion that you’ve put together.

Planning an event is stressful, time consuming and requires expert negotiation skills to bring everything together seamlessly – and on budget. Whether it’s organising suppliers, styling the venue or juggling the needs of individual guests, ensuring that every last detail is taken care of is a lot of hard work.

That’s why hiring a professional event planner, who lives for creating incredible functions, is always a good idea!

Event planners are expert organisers

Events are fun, so planning them should be a breeze too, right? What many party goers fail to notice as they’re sipping champagne and having a ball, is the hours of work which went into ensuring the event runs to a tight schedule, on budget and with all suppliers, event staff, technology and decorations working together like a well-oiled machine. 

Professional event planners are expert organisers, capable of keeping a cool head under pressure while their meticulous eye for detail tracks a million little things no one else would ever think about. When you consider all the logistics required to keep your guests happy without becoming completely overwhelmed, it’s easy to see why hiring a professional organiser (otherwise known as an event planner!) is essential. 

Event planners get the best deals for your budget

An event planner is filled to the brim with boundless industry knowledge and a mental rolodex of handy connections. What does this mean for your party budget? It means they are able to secure you the absolute best deals and rates, no matter what your budget or circumstances. 

When you work with a professional event planner, not only will you receive an honest opinion on what can be achieved within your means, you’ll have access to substantial industry discounts and a middleman experienced in dealing with suppliers and venues. They ensure your budget is working as hard for you as possible and that you aren’t being taken for a ride by potential opportunists who may inflate prices if they think they can get away with it. 

Event planners stress so that you don’t have to

Nothing ruins a good party like a stressed out host! A primary reason for hiring an event coordinator is so you can actually relax and enjoy the occasion that you’ve put together. A hallmark of a good event planner is their ability to keep their cool no matter what is going on, but just because they make it look easy doesn’t mean that it is! Event planners are constantly running around behind the scenes, triple checking every last detail and taking on any stress that may arise, so you don’t have to worry about anything except having a good time!

Event planners throw the best parties

When you make a livelihood out of planning and coordinating events, it’s guaranteed you know how to throw a banging party! An event planner’s years of experience, fantastic contacts and access to some of the best entertainment, food and decor around means they’re experts at taking an event to a whole other level. With a talented event planner by your side, you’ll leave a lasting impression on your guests who won’t be able to stop talking about what a great party you put on.

Event planners are creative and know how to bring a theme to life

Sometimes, just coming up with a theme or style for your event and knowing how to keep it consistent across food, invites, decor and entertainment is a challenge in itself. A quality event planner will be naturally creative and love working with their clients to come up with innovative and stylish ways to make their event pop! Whether it’s a precise theme that requires specific props or you’re simply trying to evoke a certain atmosphere, a professional event planner knows exactly what it takes to capture your personality and objectives, and create something truly magical.

Event managers know how to be resourceful if something goes wrong

Even though professional event managers are perfectionists who thrive on being hyper organised, we all know things in life don’t always go to plan. This is why having someone who is resourceful and knows how to quickly and seamlessly overcome a challenging situation is worth their weight in gold! 

Perhaps there is a technical difficulty with your AV equipment, the DJ gets ill or a supplier tells you last minute that they can’t fulfill an order you’ve triple checked with them multiple times this week. When an unforeseen scenario takes place, you’ll be so thankful to have a professional with you who has the contacts and expertise to quickly turn things around and keep your event running seamlessly.

Event planners love to make you happy

At the end of the day, when you hire an event planner, you are engaging someone who’s key objective is to help you throw an unforgettable function which brings happiness to you and your guests. The amount of work, organisation and stress required to plan and execute an event is immense but with the help of a professional, not only will the process be seamless but also a roaring success that you and your guests will talk about for years to come.

Evviva Events are experts in planning private parties, corporate functions and weddings across Melbourne and its surrounds. Whether you require an end-to-end service or just need us to jump in at the last minute to oversee the event itself, our reputation for planning and producing exceptional events that impress speaks for itself.

To organise your free event planning consultation, get in touch with our friendly team, today.

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